Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My NASCAR Chase Grid Predictions

If you really know me then you know I'm a HUGE NASCAR fan. I'm obsessed. I'm actually so obsessed that I hate to even miss a lap of race. Well anyways, NASCAR has decided to do something interesting this year. They have instituted a MARCH MADNESS type bracket and it's called the Chase Grid. As of this writing I feel like like the strongest 5 contenders in the chase are BK, Gordon, Harvick, JJ, and Logano. I know you Dale Jr. fans wish he would step up in the chase but this year he fizzles again and falls short of reaching that holy grail. I believe when it's all said and done that Jeff Gordon will win his 5th championship and ride off into the sunset into retirement. He's been driving the wheels off that car this year and has been the most consistent driver over these past few months.

Here's my predictions for The 2014 Chase Grid:

In the famous words of Darrel Waltrip, "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let's go racing, boys!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mediocrity At Its Finest

With such mediocrity in the NFC East this season, I decided to go ahead and do a game-by-game prediction for the rest of this season's games. I'm predicting my Cowboys to do what they normally do aka give us Cowboys fans a heart attack. Instead of putting the division away when they have the chance (we are 3-0 right now in the division), the Cowboys will drag this out to the final week of the season. In the final game of the 2013 season, Tony Romo and the Boys will choke yet again against the Eagles causing us to miss the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. Thus letting the Eagles take the NFC East division title with not Michael Vick but Nick Foles (Mr. 7 Touchdowns himself) at the helm. The question I ask at that point if my prediction does come true is: "WHY THE HELL DID WE SIGN TONY ROMO TO THAT LONG-TERM DEAL AGAIN?"

Monday, January 7, 2013

My BCS Playoff System Recommendation...The Results

With the National Championship game tonight between The Fighting Irish and Roll Tide, I thought I would post the results of my BCS Playoff System via simulations from WhatIfSports. This site allows you to simulate any game and allows you to even set which style offense you want the team to run, the weather, and the stadium. A couple of weeks ago, I put the Top 16 teams in the BCS into my BCS Playoff System Recommendation and based off each simulation here are the results:
Even though I believe Roll Tide will win the game, I really hope that first of all it's a good game and secondly I hope the Fighting Irish pull off the miracle and pull the upset. GO IRISH!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Morning QB – Saints 34, Cowboys 31

Well with a chance to control our own destiny the loss to the Saints on Sunday was a bit of a setback but less than 4 hours later thanks to the Ravens beating the Giants, we still have a chance. Our game next week vs. the Redskins is for all the marbles as they say! I would love nothing more than to knock them out of the playoffs and hush all that RGIII hype. But in the meantime here’s my analysis of the Saints game:

bad call/play
good call/play

offense (B+)
1st quarter
 -nice statement run after the catch by murray, great job of putting his shoulder down to get those extra yards and steam rolling hawthorne
-horrible blocking by #73 bernadeau on the sack of romo which led to our first punt of the game, how do u not block anyone? come on man! great job by romo of just taking the sack and not making a mistake
2nd quarter
-nice catch by dez on the come back / curl route to pull it away from the defender
-not a great throw but i like the decision by romo, great play action by romo and way to go up and get it by dez and the x factor walks in to tie the game up at 7
-vickers holding call negated a great making something out of nothing type of run by murray
-romo hung dez out to dry which led to a hit to his head by the defender, it was dangerous and could have led to a dez concussion
-great 3rd down throw to the outside to witten, great job of garrett keeping the play call outside the hashes
-great run after the catch by dez bryant, he threw off two would be tacklers and took it to the house for his second td (58 yarder) of the day, dez really came to play today
-romo needs to stop spinning esp. when no pressure is coming, I understand no one is open but let the play develop a little longer
-horrible throw by romo on the slant route on 3rd and 4 with under a minute left, not only did it stop the clock but we only wasted 15 seconds off the clock on that drive and gave the ball back to brees with too much time left
3rd quarter
-great cut back / change of direction run by murray for the 9 yards
-horrible throw by romo to miles on 3rd and 8 into double coverage, that was a dangerous throw
-murray your killing us, that is two weeks in a row now, stop fumbling the ball, that is the worst time to commit a turnover when your inside your own 10, that’s a romo type of mistake
-wow we are trying to give this game away, the tip ball off the romo pass lands right in the hands of the saints defender but thank god they have butter on their gloves today b/c he dropped it
-horrible throw, route, and catch by murray, his head is not in it since he fumbled
4th quarter
-great pass but bad critical drop by miles austin, you gotta catch that ball, that could have sparked us right there and instead it just deflated us
-murray drops another pass, take him out, his heads not in it
-great throw and catch by dez bryant, why did we forget about him in the 3rd quarter?
-miles just dropped another pass, stop throwing his way, the ball went str8 threw his hands, throw it to dez!
-romo, you can’t take a sack there you gotta just let it rip with a little less than 10 minutes remaining, we’re down 14, garrett needed to run a play that got us close to the sticks so that we could go for it on 4th down
-great throw by romo and another great job of dez going up to get the ball at its highest point on the long reception
-great run after the catch and way to get out of bounds by murray
-garrett looks like he’s finally letting romo run the hurry up with 4 minutes left
-great back shoulder throw by romo to harris, we gotta get him more involved, he’s got that big play potential
-great run after the catch by murray, way to not give up and just go out of bounds, he caught the saints sleeping, smart headsy play!
-great throw by romo, great route by witten over the middle
-wow, what a clutch by romo to miles austin for a td, romo looks like a great qb all of a sudden, great come back / back shoulder throw, that was risky throwing to butterfingers, but he made an excellent clutch catch, garrett i’ll say it again you gotta let romo run the no hurdle / hurry-up more often, (these 4th quarter comebacks are killing me)
-great catch by Witten on his 102nd reception of the year and then another one on the next play for his 103rd reception to break tony gonzalez’s record
-horrible play call and throw on the slant, didn't we try that earlier game and we had the same result (punt)

ense (D-)
1st quarter
-bad shoulder tackle by jenkins on pierre thomas on 3rd down on the first saints drive
-spencer bad face mask penalty on the missed sack on brees on the first drive, gave it to the saints first and goal at the cowboys 9
-horrible job of getting off the blocks on the ingram touchdown, he went in almost untouched
-great closing tackle by #30 moore on the draw play by sproles which lead to 3rd and 9
-horrible tackling on the 3rd and 14 screen pass to sproles, we gotta tackle him for a short gain and make them punt, they are 3 for 3 on third down with 4 min’s left in the 1st quarter
-where is the defense at on the pierre thomas check down pass for the 1st down
-another missed tackle by brandon carr on the run by ingram
-saints have run 24 plays to the cowboys 6, and the saints are 4 for 4 on 3rd down
2nd quarter
-way to bottle up the ingram run and stop the saints on 3rd down for the 1st time all game, which led to the miss hartley fg
-we gotta stop them on 3rd down, claiborne and jenkins gave moore way too much cushion on the 3rd down conversion
-way to stop them on 3rd and 29, but we gotta thank the saints off. line for those 2 holding penalties
-we gotta get some pressure on brees, he has entirely too much time to throw back there
-we are getting eaten alive on crossing routes by colston first for 21 yards and now for 8 yards
-great play by frampton to knock the pass away from jimmy graham, we gotta get more pressure
-great I mean tony the tiger great play by poppgina to deflect the pass from jimmy graham on 3rd and 1
-horrible offside’s penalty on spencer but it shouldn't have mattered b/c no one can cover colston on the crossing route, but since he ended up dropping the pass the penalty  on spencer turned out to be huge
-we gotta account for the running backs sneaking out of the backfield late, rob ryan has to have someone spying the running backs in the second half to stop the easy check downs
-we really, really gotta get some pressure on brees, great route by lance moore and pretty good coverage by peprah, but in the end it’s still a late td for the saints
-atrocious pass coverage by #30 moore on the one on one route with sproles, and where is the rest of the team after that catch? it led to a 44 yard gain
-way to take away the outside throws and make brees check it down which forced them to use 2 timeouts
-good job of knocking the ball down on the throw it up and pray pass by brees but i think claiborne has the int if his own teammate doesn't knock it out of his hands
3rd quarter
-great pursuit to stop ingram in the backfield by spencer at the 8:30 mark to force a 3rd and 8
-great job by #30 moore to bat the ball up in the air but jenkins #21 has got to come down with that int, we need a defensive turnover, but great job of stopping the saints and forcing brees off the field
-that was one heck of a form tackle by Claiborne on lance moore
-bad pass interface call on poppinga on 3rd down, that right that was another chance for our d to get off the field
-great coverage and break on the ball by sensabaugh to knock it out of sproles hands to force a punt
-nice coverage by claiborne to knock the ball away on the slant route to moore in the end zone to stop a td
-just as soon as I praise rob ryan for covering the backs out of the backfield, we don’t cover pierre thomas and we let him walk right in for the td
4th quarter
-where is the defense on the big gain over the middle by graham
-poor tackling by peprah led to a 60 yard catch and run by colston, we still can’t cover colston when he runs over the middle
-thanks to the saints for calling a timeout when we only had 9 defensive players on the field
-wow, who was covering david thomas out of the backfield on that td?
-well when our defense lets brees and that offense go 98 yards you don’t deserve to win
-the d looks like they have given up on that big run by sproles, that hole was big enough to drive a mac truck thru
-well atleast the d got off the field so our offense can get back on it
-we've let the saints run over 80 plays today which is twice what our offense has run, our defense needs to get some stops and get off the field
-how is jimmy graham that wide open? where are our defenders?
-claiborne you gotta cut off the inside route on the slant pass for the 3rd down conversion to jimmy graham
-great job of knocking out the ball out by Claiborne but the other defenders on the field gotta hustle and go get that ball, you gotta do all you can to knock jimmy graham out of the way and get that ball

special teams (B-)
1st quarter
-great first kickoff return by harris, he just needed one more block and i think he could have broke it for a big gain
2nd quarter
-way to force hartley to miss a fg
3rd quarter
-harris has got to do a better job of running up and looking the ball all the way in on the opening kickoff to start the second half, thank god for hanna recovering the fumble, or otherwise that would have been a game changer
-great 47 yard fg by dan bailey, we really needed that to tie up the game at 17
-harris needs to learn to stand on the 10 yard line on the punt and if it goes over his head then let it go, but instead he runs up and lets the ball go at 15, now our offense starts from our own 3
-great punt by mcbriar that rolled down to the saints 2 yard line
4th quarter
-great 28 yard punt return by harris, great blocks by the special teams, way to be smart and not get a blocking in the back penalty

coaching (
1st quarter
-way to start the game bringing pressure on brees by rob ryan
-needed to bring more pressure on brees on the first drive, he had entirely too much time to throw on that first drive
2nd quarter
-rob ryan’s got to bring more pressure on brees and we gotta put a linebacker or safety on sproles or thomas and hope that it we don’t give up any more big gains (sproles 44 yard catch)
-garrett has got to do a better job of calling plays before half, we only wasted 15 seconds off the clock which led to the hartley fg, just cause it’s under two minutes doesn’t mean you have to throw out what’s been working, you can still run murray to set up the pass, plus if we take our time there and eat up some clock the worst case scenario is we end up running out the clock and we are tied instead of down 17-14 at half
3rd quarter
-rob ryan has done a great job of making adjustments, he has a linebacker spying the running back’s out of the back field, it’s about time
-jason garrett needs to use these last 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter to eat up some clock and score before the start of the 4th, but instead we only eat up 3 minutes and punt it back to brees
-horrible 3rd down play call by garrett, he didn't even give us a chance to get the first down with that route
4th quarter
-rob ryan, how do u not call a timeout when we only have 9 players on the field down by the goal? luckily the saints helped us out and called one which bailed us out
-on the 3rd down play where romo got sacked we gotta call a shorter route or play knowing that the saints might blitz, we gotta atleast get near the 1st down so that we could have gone for it on 4th down since we are down 14 and want to keep brees off the field, come on man (garrett)!
-garrett you gotta let romo run the hurry more often, he took us right down the field and scored vs the falcons earlier this year and he just did the same thing vs the saints on the back shoulder throw to harris for the td and it only took 71 seconds off the clock
-horrible play call by garrett to run the same 3rd down slant play to dez, that play didn't work earlier and it didn't work there either, no one had been able to stop witten on that drive yet, why not go back witten’s way?
-jason garret should take 100% responsibility for this loss, you gotta let romo have free reign and he brings us back when we are down 14 and then you pull the reins back on him and go conservative in ot, #freeromo

fans (
-haven’t really heard much from the fans besides when we score, we need to get cowboys stadium loud on 3rd down, we need the fans to be the 12th man (see the seattle seahawks)!
-the stadium was quiet when the saints were on the field the entire game
-the fans picked it up and were really loud on our 14 point comeback but you gotta stay loud the whole time the other team is on offense to try and help out our d and disrupt the other teams offense

the final word
This is going to be a great week. Christmas is on Tuesday and it’s also rivalry week part 2, Redskins vs Cowboys in DC under the lights (8:20 kickoff). I learned a lot about our team on Sunday. I learned that our offense esp. Romo and Dez are clicking on all cylinders right now. If it wasn't for back-to-back week fumbles by Murray and Garrett making some bad play calls we would be as NBA JAM says on fire right now. Jason Garrett has got to let Romo run more of the hurry up. Romo showed me that clutch gene today and he also showed me he’s better when he doesn't have to think and he can just for react. As for Rob Ryan and his defense there is a lot of work to be done with that patch work crew. We need to bring more blitzes and our corners need to press up and play bump and run. If the cornerback’s get beat over the top that is what the safeties are for but right now we are getting beat a lot on slants, screen passes, and crossing patterns. If we played bump and run and forced them to the outside that would cut out the middle of the field all together. Really the whole middle of the field for our defense is a disaster right now; it is always wide open. I think we've got a good chance to beat the Redskins this week and I’m looking forward to what is sure to be a great game. GO COWBOYS!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning QB - Cowboys 27, Steelers 24

I've decided to start a new segment on my blog called Monday Morning Quarterback where I breakdown the Cowboys game for that week and give you my grades, comments, and suggestions on the team. Here's my analysis of the HUGE win by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday:

bad call/play
good call/play

offense (A)
-murray fumble in the redzone
-penalties that led to 3rd and 30
-need to get james hanna more involved
-no one can cover miles austin
-great job of spreading the ball amongst receivers by romo
-garret needs to keep doing a great job of making sure that the play calls stay to the outside (outside the hashes) and avoid the over the middle throws at all costs b/c that's where romo makes most of his mistakes 
-use the screens to harris, bryant, and miles like stretch running plays
-great throw by romo to dez on the td
-need to get harris more involved like the screen pass in the 4th qt after brown fumble
-great gutsy call by garret on the run by murray for the td
-romo played a perfect game, he was turnover free which is exactly what we needed him to do

defense (B+)
-breakdown before half on the miller td
-need to learn to cover te's (miller)
-#40 murray needs to learn to cover anybody, he gave up big play to mike wallace, mike ran right past him, and miller burned him all day, #40 murray gets a F for his grade
-poor tackling on the issac redman long run
-needed to press up on the receivers on the brown td
-huge sack by ware and spencer on big ben and great coverage on 3rd and 4 with 3:30 left
-bad roughing the passer penalty on ware that put the steelers near mid field
-great back to back sacks by lissemore and spencer with a little over a min left in the 4th qt
-great int by brandon carr on the throw to wallace in ot, but next time get in it the endzone and end the game in a dramatic fashion

special teams (C-)
-gave up big punt return to brown to start 2nd half
-why do u squib kick after dez td? bailey kicks out of the endzone everytime and then this time you did a squib kick, it just doesn't make sense, it led to a dwyer td run
-bad punt coverage on that last put return by by brown but great strip by victor butler and recover by john phillips to save the game
-bad punt by moorman but great roll afterwards thanks to brown misjudging it
-great punt return by harris with 1 min left in the 4th
-great clutch kick in ot by bailey

coaching (B+)
-2 bad play calls on 3rd and 1 by garret, first was the run by murray, and the second was the play action where romo got sacked
-great run call for the murray td
-great blitz call by rob ryan that led to a sack of big ben by lissemore
-good decision to punt with 30 sec's left in 4th and go to ot
-i don't like the call to kneel it and kick the fg to win the game in ot b/c of the romo/seattle incident, grab the bull by the horns and let murray carry it in to redeem himself and win the game

fans (C+)
-they should be ashamed of themselves for letting that many steelers fans and terrible towels into our stadium
-at one point the steeler fans were louder than the cowboy fans
-stadium errupted on the carr int

Check back next week for my analysis of the New Orleans game. We need to keep winning if we want to make the playoffs. The perfect scenario would be if we win next week and so do the skins and then we go into DC (I mean Landover) and beat our rivals, the Redskins, which would knock them out of the playoffs and make us NFC East division champs.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Amazing Years Together #bestdecisionever

Today, marks the 5 year anniversary of @MPP and I being together. I can’t believe it has been 5 years already. Even though we started dating in October 2007 shortly after we both attended the same party that a mutual friend of ours from college threw in McLean, VA. If you have ever been a relationship before you should know that it comes a time when you have to DTR (determine/define the relationship). It’s that shit or get off the pot kind of moment where you decide whether ya’ll as a couple are going make this work and become official or go your separate ways. @MPP was traveling a lot when we first started dating for work and my shyness probably came into play as well so that is probably why it took us 2 months to have that DTR conversation. One of the best moments of our early on dating career is when @MPP asked me if I was going to get her a present for Christmas and truth be told I didn’t really know if I was since we had just started dating but when she came straight out and asked me one day I think I was blown away with her confidence and the fact that she was able to look down the road and still see us together got me excited for things to come. I think that might have been the moment when I knew that I really wanted this girl in my life forever.

These last 5 years have been amazing. We’ve made it through so much together whether that be living in DC for 5 years (wow that took a toll on us), living together in a small apartment in Fairfax, getting engaged, taking the marriage plunge, and leaving our family and friends behind and moving to Augusta, GA.

@MPP and I watched the movie End of Watch last night, which is a great movie and I highly recommend it. At one point in the movie Michael Pena’s character turns to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character when Jake is thinking about asking his girlfriend to marry him and Michael Pena tells him before you do that you should ask yourself one question and that is “can you live without her?”

I know for myself I can’t live without @missprissypaige. I hate even when she has to leave to go on business travel. I gotta admit sometimes it’s nice b/c it gives me a little man vacay but I definitely want her to hurry back as quickly as she can. I know some men can spend a long amount of time from their significant other whether that be on business travel, deployments, etc. and maybe that’s just b/c they have been together for a long time but for me I want our relationship to be different. I don’t want us to ever get to that point where we would rather be apart more than we are together. I also never want us to get to that point like we see other couples who are out at dinner and have nothing to say to each other. I think this will never happen though b/c I never shut up haha. I love our relationship and I love my wife. I look forward to many, many more years and life experiences to come!

Love your husband,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My BCS Playoff System Recommendation

As you all know I am a graduate of James Madison University (JMU) and even though we didn't make the FCS playoffs this year I am still a HUGE fan of their playoff system. The FCS playoff system includes the Top 20 teams and they start playing this Saturday (Nov. 24th) and end on Saturday, Jan. 5th, 2013. As for the FBS and the BCS they have 35 bowl games this year. The first bowl game starts on Saturday, Dec. 15th, 2012 and ends with the National Championship game on Monday, Jan. 7th, 2013. Outside of the National Championship game, which displays the Top 2 BCS teams, all the other games are pigeon held for conferences. For example the Chick-fil-A Bowl, which is the #2 team in the ACC vs. the #5 team in the SEC. They have already set such crazy stipulations on the games that it makes the whole bowl system look silly and retarded.

Here is my recommendation. You take the Top 16 teams at the end of the year and put them into a playoff system. It will start on the same day as the first bowl game (Dec. 15th) and will still end with the National Championship game on Monday, Jan. 7th. With my 16 team playoff system it gives the NCAA/BCS the opportunity to take the Top 15 bowl games and turn them into playoff games. You could still have all the other bowl games as well which would create opportunities for teams that normally don’t get a chance to play in a bowl and give other companies a chance to sponsor and create new bowl games. This would create so much more revenue for the sport. Think about when March Madness comes around and how much traffic and money it creates from tv viewership and everyone filling out their brackets either through ESPN, CBS, or on their own. Those same sites could do the same for college football. You could even call it Holiday Madness.

I know the haters are going to say that because college football players don’t get paid they shouldn't put them through more of a strain with a playoff system and to those haters I say what about the players in the FCS that play those playoffs and then go on to play in the NFL and make less money than those that played in the FBS. Look at Akeem Jordan who played for JMU and was part of the 2004 National Championship team which means he played 15 games that year. He now plays Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles making $700,000. So you mean to tell me someone who comes out of the FCS has to work a lot harder to make it to the NFL, play more college games, and then make less money than someone who played in the FBS. To those I call BULLSHIT!!!

My solution: make the FBS schools play less games like remove some of the weaker opponents aka easy win games and replace those with a playoff system.

Here is my bracket layout based on the Top 16 teams in the BCS rankings as of 11/20/2012:

Feel free to let me know what you think of my playoff system and who might win in this playoff system this year or if you have a better one you can let me know that as well. Thanks! 

Happy Holidays!